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Bare Metal

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What is a bare metal instance?

Bare metal instances are non-virtualized machines created from physical hardware deployed in a non-virtualized environment and dedicated for the exclusive usage of a single user. The single-tenant environment of the bare metal instances makes them ideal for performing resource-intensive tasks demanding high computing power.

How is a bare metal server different from a cloud compute instance?

Unlike cloud compute instances that are powered by a cloud server deployed in a virtualized environment with multiple tenants, a bare metal server grants the user unrestricted direct access and complete control on the underlying server hardware, its processor, and resources without any resource sharing.

How do I place a request for a bare metal instance?

To submit a request for bare metal instance,

  1. Sign in to your IDrive Compute account.
  2. Click Create Instance on the web console.
  3. Select Bare Metal Server.
  4. Select a Region from the drop-down list.
  5. Choose a plan.
  6. Add the required number of instances.
  7. Specify any additional requests, if any, in the Other Details section.
  8. Click Submit Request.
  9. Provide confirmation in the popup.


  • Your credit card will be charged once you click 'Confirm'.
  • Your billing cycle will start immediately after the bare metal instance is provisioned for your account.
  • It may take 2-6 weeks to provision the bare-metal instance.

You can check the status by clicking on the top-left corner. Once the bare metal is provisioned you also will be notified by email. You can then proceed to bare-metal instance creation.

How do I create a bare metal instance?

To create the bare metal instance,

  1. On the Instances page, click .
  2. Click Create Now next to the instance.
  3. Choose a distribution or select a custom or application stack image which you want to use for creating an instance.
  4. Select an authentication method for the instance. You can either set an SSH key or a root password for authentication.
    1. SSH-Keys - Select SSH Keys from the list of pre-added keys. To add a new key, click Add an SSH Key. Enter the key name and your existing SSH Public Key details, click Add Key.
    2. Password - A root password will be suggested by default. You may use the same password or create a new password.
  5. Enter User Data in cloud-config format. This is optional.
  6. Add instance names under Finalize and Create.
  7. Click Create.

Why am I charged in advance for bare metal?

While creating a bare metal instance you will be charged in advance for the requested bare metal server. Your billing cycle will start once the bare metal instance is provisioned for your account.