Deploy single-tenant bare metal instances

Create a bare-metal instance from a non-virtualized hardware. These instances are powered by dedicated physical servers without any virtualization layer for providing complete control to the server's hardware, its processor and memory resources. Unlike a virtual private server, a bare metal server runs in a single-tenant environment to give you the sole authority of the entire server (not just the CPU) sans resource sharing and onsite management.

Dedicated bare-metal computing combined with the convenience of cloud

Customize and control hardware

Directly access and manage the installation, optimization, of the IDrive Compute bare metal servers set up exclusively for you.

Deploy hardware near end users

Place bare metal servers closer to your end users for optimum network performance and operational efficiency of your business with low latency and high-speed connectivity.

Run resource intensive workloads

With a single-tenant hardware dedicated only to you, run and execute resource-intensive software that are designed for a non-virtualized environment and direct connections.

Similar pricing across regions

Benefit from a consistent pricing model maintained across all the regions. With our straight-forward pricing always know what to pay and why.

Manage your servers centrally

Control your bare metal instances, perform various operations, update settings, and monitor their health - all from one location, in near real-time.

An optimal bare metal cloud computing experience

Choose and deploy

Spin up a bare metal instance using our standard configurations of OS, performance, speed, and storage. Choose a plan that meets your business requirements.

Multiple server provisioning

Cater to your business demands by deploying as many servers as you need. IDrive Compute gives you the flexibility to request for multiple bare metal servers at a time.

On-demand technical support

Get free technical support from our team of experts to resolve or troubleshoot an issue. Raise a support ticket and our technicians will resolve it at the earliest.

Getting Started

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Place your request for bare metal server

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Pay for the requested hardware resource

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*Note: Your billing cycle will start immediately after the bare metal instance is provisioned for your account.

Build Your Instance


1 Sign in to account

Log in to your IDrive Compute account


2Deploy bare metal

Create a non-virtualized bare metal instance


3Set authentication and create

Select an SSH-key or password; proceed to create

Reliable and dedicated bare metal servers with cloud computing benefits

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