Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model

The VPS infrastructure enables you to accommodate computing projects of any scale and size. Choose from a range of Linux OS, CPU, memory, bandwidth, and storage.

Save on the cost of buying and maintaining your own hardware resources. As you are billed by the hour of usage, pay only for the hours the resources are used.

Build instances only with the required resources without any default resource provisioning. Add more resources depending on your processing and storage requirements.

Enable backups for instances to create a disk image on a daily or weekly basis or create disk image on demand with snapshots. Use the images to create new instances or revert to a previous state.

Easily create and deploy several identical instances simultaneously from a single instance. The cloned instances retain the entire configuration and data of the original instance.

Invite users to your account, enable access to the resources, and manage billing centrally.

Protect your instances from malicious attacks by implementing SSH Key-based authentication and firewalls. Meet compliance requirements laid out by Federal business regulatory bodies.

High-end resources for superior cloud computing experience

Robust servers; enterprise-grade processors with higher-capacity RAM, and NVMes offer fast performance for seamless computing.

Select a Linux distribution from CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, and Debian. You can also choose to use a custom image of your choice.

Save time with the one-click applications. The pre-configured application stack images are ready to use and can be deployed in minutes.

Get flexible edge computing experience – select the CPU configuration depending on expected output.

Scale your computing infrastructure as your requirements increase - resize instances or add volumes for additional storage.


Create Linux-based virtual machines instantly and manage from the cloud

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Block Storage

Attach additional solid state drives (SSDs) based volumes to instances

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