Fast, secure, and customizable virtual machines for your business

Spin up a virtual instance on an OS of your choice in less than a minute. Instances are Linux-based virtual machines running on hardware resources dedicatedly managed by IDrive Compute. These machines are hosted on data centers located off-premises and allow faster connectivity and low latency to run large-scale workload via a distributed edge computing network.

Build your IDrive® Compute instances as you need

IDrive Compute

Choose distribution

Pick an appropriate Linux distribution for the compute instance depending on your required usage, features, and resource configuration.

Decide CPU size

Select the size of the CPU as per the expected power, speed, and performance capability. Enjoy the flexibility to choose between a shared CPU and dedicated CPU.

Get add-ons

Customize your cloud computing experience by enabling backup and private IP functionalities for instances.

Shared CPU(NVMe SSD)Dedicated CPU(NVMe SSD)
Create balanced compute instances with a shared CPU and customizable resources Build instances for CPU-intensive use with 100% dedicated CPU Create instances for RAM-intensive applications with 100% dedicated CPU
Applicable for running medium-scale computing projects, databases, and web applications Applicable for front-end web servers, machine learning, video encoding, ad serving Applicable for in-memory databases, big data processing that depend more on the RAM than the CPU

Enable backup

Perform image backups of compute instances for high availability and new instance creation. Enable automated backups for an instance during its creation or activate this add-on feature for an existing instance anytime.

Take a live snapshot

Create a point-in-time copy of an instance with its entire file system and data for restoring it to a previous state or for new instance creation. These instantaneous copies of data functions like complete backups.

Clone instance

Make multiple copies of an existing instance for easy deployment. New instances will be an exact copy of the original instance with its entire configuration and data.

IDrive Compute

Add more storage to your instances to meet business needs

IDrive Compute

Expand the storage capacity of your instances by adding multiple high-speed block storage volumes.

Move volumes between instances

Block storage volumes are managed independently of the instances to enable permanent storage for your data. Quickly attach or detach a volume from an instance without reboot.

Resize a volume

Scale up the size of an existing volume up to 1 TB for additional space at any time to meet your storage requirements at an additional cost.