Easily add independent storage volumes to virtual machines

Block storage volumes are virtual block storage devices, similar to a USB hard drive for a physical machine, that securely stores data in the form of fixed-sized blocks. These SSD-based volumes are managed independently and can be attached or detached from a compute instance on demand to expand its storage at any time. A volume can store any type of file system.

IDrive Compute

Why IDrive® Compute block storage?

IDrive® Compute block storage is powered by robust SSDs configured with advanced security measures to provide high performance and secure storage.

Create and attach multiple block storage volumes to expand the storage for a compute instance. Add volumes at a flat pricing of $0.10 /GB/ Month. The volumes can be accessed and managed from anywhere through the web console.

Creating and managing block storage volumes is simple

Control your block storage volumes from anywhere. Add and move volumes between instances, extend their size, rename, and delete volumes as and when required.

Add volume

Create a persistent volume for additional data storage. Specify the volume name, location, and size depending on your storage requirements.

Attach single or multiple volumes

Move volumes between running instances in seconds without having to reboot the instance it is attached to.

Independent storage

Data stored in volume remains intact even when a corresponding instance is deleted. Simply connect the volume to another instance for accessing the data.

Mount a volume

Mount and format a new volume whenever you attach it to a virtual instance to make it available for use. A volume having data on it needs no formatting.

Rename a volume

Change the name of an existing volume in your account without affecting the stored data.

Resize a volume

Expand the size of the block volumes at any point of time to increase their data storage capacity.

Delete a volume

Permanently remove volumes, along with all the data stored in it from your account.

Secure storage

Data stored in block storage volumes is transferred to the virtual instances over secure networks for ensuring data protection.