OpenLiteSpeed NodeJS

OpenLiteSpeed NodeJS

OpenLiteSpeed Node.js is the Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise. An easy-to-use, lightweight app that automatically installs OpenLiteSpeed and Node.js, comprises the essential features, including HTTP/3 support. OLS can host multiple Node.js apps and support other apps such as Ruby, Python, and CMSs like WordPress.

Packages Included

Package Version License
OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16 GPLv3
Certbot 0.40.0 Apache2
NodeJS 10.19.0 custom

Getting Started

  1. The sample node can be viewed at
    http://<Instance Ipv4>
  2. OpenLiteSpeed Web console can be accessed at port 7080, e.g.
    http://<Instance Ipv4>:7080
  3. Passwords for OpenLiteSpeed Web admin is written to
    file: /usr/local/lsws/password
  4. To generate SSL certificates using Let's Encrypt, run /root/

    Note: OpenLiteSpeed Node.js installation may take 2 to 5 mins based on the system resources.