Cloudron is a single-click platform that provides you a centralized way to install, secure web apps on your server, and manage your users and their web apps from anywhere. Its 60+ applications have been tested and approved to run smoothly. Cloudron automates all the tasks from configuring databases, setting DNS records to managing certificates.

Packages Included

Package Version License
Cloudron latest Proprietary

Getting started after deploying

  1. Open a URL http://< Cloudron Instance IPv4 > in your browser.
  2. Enter a domain like

    Cloudron's admin interface will then be available at and apps can be installed into subdomains like, Post-installation, more domains can be added.

  3. Click 'Next', Cloudron will automatically configure the DNS, set up certificates, and redirect you to
  4. Now, set up a Cloudron administrator and start using Cloudron!

    Note: Cloudron installation takes 10-15 minutes once the Instance is provisioned, and it will be rebooted upon completion.