Nakama Opensource Game Management Server

Nakama Opensource Game Management Server

Developed by the Heroic Labs, Nakama is built to be a scalable server for social and real-time games and apps. It lets you add user authentication, social networking, storage, and real-time data exchange into your apps and games. On launching your game or app in the marketplace, handle the additional load by simply launching a few more instances.

Packages Included

Package Version License
Nakama 3.10.0 Apache 2
Cockroach 121.2.6 BSL, CCL

Getting Started

  1. Access Nakama management console via http://{Ip address of your nakama instance}}: 7351
  2. Authenticate with the below credentials.
    Username: " admin "
    Password: <stored in the file /root/.idrive_password of your instance>
  3. Once the Nakama server is up and running, it can take up client connections.

Get started with your preferred client: