GitLab Community Edition

GitLab Community Edition

GitLab CE is an open source software development platform written in Ruby. It is used by software developers worldwide to consolidate and deploy code, track versions, and improve code quality.

Packages Included

Package Version License
gitlab-ce Latest Custom
openssh-server 1:8.2p1-4ubuntu0.4 Public domain
net-tools 1.6 GPL 2.0
tzdata 2021e-0ubuntu0.20.04 MIT
ca-certificates 20210119~20.04.2 GPL 2.0
perl 5.30.0 GPL 1.0


Getting Started

  1. Access GitLab by using the IPv4 address of your instance e.g., http://{IP Address of your gitlab Instance}.
  2. Use the below credentials to authenticate.
    Username: " root "
    Password: <stored in the file /etc/gitlab/initial_root_password of your instance>.

Note: GitLab may take 5 minutes for the first time to be up and running.