CyberPanel is a one-click server control panel that allows you to create virtual servers via LiteSpeed Web Server. This hosting control panel can be used for website creation, SSL certificate installation, DNS and email management, and more. CyperPanel image features a single-click installer for automatic installation of common frameworks like OpenLiteSpeed, WordPress, LSCache, Joomla, Prestashop, git, and Magento. It also automatically sets up DNS and Email service thereby reducing the duration required for configuration.

Packages Included

Package Version License
CyberPanel latest GPLv3
OpenLiteSpeed latest GPLv3
PHP 7.4.29 proprietary
Rainloop latest AGPLv3
PowerDNS 4.2.1 GPLv2

Getting started after deploying

  1. Open the web browser to view the following:

    CyberPanel: https://<Cyberpanel Instance IPv4>:8090

    phpMyAdmin: https://<Cyberpanel Instance IPv4>:8090/dataBases/phpMyAdmin

    Rainloop: https://<Cyberpanel Instance IPv4>:8090/rainloop

  2. Run sudo cat .idrive_password to get the CyberPanel admin password.


    • CyberPanel installation takes 12-15 minutes once the Instance is provisioned.
    • CyberPanel has to be authenticated before accessing phpMyAdmin.
    • CyberPanel configuration is required for accessing Rainloop Webmail.
      Learn how to access Rainloop Webmail in Cyberpanel.