IDrive® Compute is born out of experience of managing IDrive® Cloud for Backup and RemotePC for remote access. These two world class services now host over

compute 4000 servers across multiple data centers in every continent
compute 300 Petabytes of storage

Why is edge computing important?

IDrive® Compute's edge locations improve efficiency of businesses by reducing latency and improving network performance. Collecting, analyzing or even just passing through the data at an edge closest to the end-user instead of a centralized cloud or server ensures faster response, efficient business operations that promotes a strong and fast-performing business ecosystem.

IDrive® Compute can be an ideal service for many applications including:

  • Real-time communication
  • Remote monitoring of assets
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Cloud gaming
  • Content delivery
  • Patient monitoring
  • Smart homes and more.

Spin up your choice of virtual private servers

Scale forward your business using a reliable, highly available, and fast-performing edge computing infrastructure. The flexible compute platform works on a close-knit edge network, designed to run extensive workloads with rapid connectivity and low latency. Create compute instances (virtual private servers or virtual machines) with a standard Linux OS, shared or dedicated processors, memory, and best-in-class NVMe storage instantly.

IDrive® Compute for Businesses

Grow your business with simplified and high-performing VPS computing and NVMe storage

Simple pricing

With the pay-as-you-use model, plan your infrastructure without worrying about hidden charges.


Protect your instances from malicious attacks by configuring firewalls to control traffic to the instances.

Managed infrastructure & support

All hardware upgrades and maintenance will be handled by the team of experts; receive round the clock assistance.

Available for customers from US, UK, and Canada only.

*Note: The 50% offer is applicable for the first year only. For subsequent years, normal charges are applicable.

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